Thursday, October 27, 2011

My mother was in her mid fifties when she was scheduled to have an operation at Saint Joseph Hospital in Burbank to have her ovaries removed, for they were causing her much pain. During this routine operation, her doctor discovered that her ovaries were cancerous and had spread all over. Her ovarian cancer was at Stage 3 which is quite progressed--almost at the last stage.

One nurse who was in the operation room, and who was obviously moved in emotion, and who had seen many previous cancer patients in the same place as my mother, confided in my sister, crying:

"Your mother only has 3 months of life. I'm sorry."

Anyone can just imagine how such news has the power to suddenly darken the lives of a cancer patient and her love ones.

One late evening, my brother and sister visited me at my condo in Canoga Park. They both were solemn like some disaster were about to descend upon them at any moment. My sister informed me how the doctor found my mother to have ovarian cancer, and how she had approximately 3 months to live. Naturally I was stunned and speechless, and then saddened by the news. Soon they departed and I was left with a heavy heart not knowing what to do.

I am no doctor, not even a nurse, and I have no specialized training in the use of alternative treatments or supplements. But with a sincere desire to search for anything that might help my mother beat her cancer, I went online. I spent several hours during my free time reading everything I came across that was related to "how to cure cancer" and "natural cancer treatments."  I read a lot on a variety of alternative cancer treatments that I have never heard of until now.

After much research and taking lots of notes, I decided to order three products which I believed would help my mother beat her ovarian cancer. I ordered Macro Greens, oil essentials, and Cellfood. I had to order these three products separately and had them sent to my mother's home. I called my sister to let her know that I found something that might help mom with her cancer. She was glad to hear this. A few days later, again I called home to learn if the orders have arrived. They received two of them. I wanted my mom to start at once with the two products.

I told my sister to make sure that mom took one teaspoon of Macro Greens in a glass of 8 ounces of water or juice in the morning, noon, and in the evening. Then, I instructed her to add 8 drops of Cellfood into the same glass of water/juice where Macro Greens had been previously added.  I told her to add 8 Cellfood drops 3 times daily with Macro Greens. 

Two days later, the last order came: essential oils. It's important that the highest quality essential oils are used to be effective. I ordered from Young Living. Once this product came into the "picture," I instructed my sister to add at least 3 drops of essential oil into the same glass of water/juice where both Macro Greens and Cellfood had been added, 3 times daily just like the other two. Believe me, adding those few drops of essential oil drastically changed the overall taste of this little concoction. It's no understatement to say that this drink tasted absolutely awful!

Essential oils are highly concentrated from plant and flower sources; they are extremely powerful in their ability to combat all sorts of health related problems. My mother hated taking this drink but took it any way because her health was on the line. My sister behaved like a real nurse at home by administering these three products to my mother 3 times each day without fail, and my mother was an excellent cancer patient by taking everything I asked her to take.

All this time my poor father was often seen quite sad, depressed, and sometimes even sobbing at the thought that his wife was dying from cancer and would soon die.

My mother by now had been on this "alternative cancer treatment" for a couple of weeks. It was time for the next routine monthly chemo therapy treatment. When the results were in after that chemo therapy, her doctor to his surprise, learned that the cancer tumor was  beginning to shrink!

Encouraged by the positive news, my mother continued to take my "alternative cancer treatment." On the following chemo therapy session, the results were even more positive: her tumor was smaller and becoming smaller.

Two months later, her tumor had shrunk so much and was now becoming non-existent. Seeing these results with his own eyes, my mother's doctor was astonished. The nurses told my sister that my mother's cancer case was a miracle.

There are two things that my mom did differently than most cancer patients:

1) She dared to live and defy the odds.
2) She took my advice to heart and is now cancer-free and doing very well.

Her doctor and nurses didn't know that while my mom went through the chemo therapies, she was taking all of the alternative cancer treatments that I strongly advised which clearly made the determining difference in beating ovarian cancer and saving her life.

It's my solemn belief that all three products mentioned above can be used effectively to treat and ultimately cure any cancer, regardless of how advanced it is--that is--if taken at the dosages that I had prescribed for my mom.

Cancer Prevention

Once a former cancer patient has become cancer-free, s/he can continue to take Macro Greens and Cellfood twice daily in order to prevent cancer.


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